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© Rune Slettemeås

© Rune Slettemeås

Daniel van der Noon

Daniel van der Noon er en britisk kunster født i 1988. Det urbane udtryk er gennemgående for hans kunst. Daniel van der Noon kombinerer storbyens former, farver, detaljer og drømme med en enkel og samtidig detaljerig streg. har interviewet Daniel van der Noon om hans tilblivelse som kunstner, egne tanker om sin kunst, verden som inspirationskilde, rejser og fremtidsforestillinger.

Daniel k22, 1First of all I would like to know a bit more about your background. How has your personal background inspired you becoming and artist? What was your starting point in the artistic world?

I was brought up in Northfield, Birmingham – a place, in fact, voted as one of the worst places in England! My parents never told me that my questions were ‘stupid’ or that this or that was a bad idea; they spurned on creativity and passion from infancy. The cogs began working when I started working my cousin, James Bourne, who set up a nationwide collective called ThemLot, a group of 15 artists whose studios we would visit and hold exhibitions up and down England – we also used to do weekend sessions that we called THE TEMPLATE. I was about 5 years younger han this group of newly graduated art students. From there I was able to start piecing together the bits and pieces and figure this and that out; looking back all the dots join up, and it was a fantastic year when it was really pumping.

As a British artist are you then attracted to Scandinavian art in a special way or why live in a smaller city as Aarhus where the skylines are not showing in the cityscape?

I spend approximately 50% of my time in Aarhus; it’s a place where I can focus. The other half of my time I spend either in Copenhagen or elsewhere in Europe. This summer, for instance, I’ll be taking work-related trips to Amsterdam, Stuttgart, Berlin, London as well as several inspiration trips: one to New York, another to Krakow and, hopefully, Stockholm. I think that it’s largely meditating on these impressions that fuels the ideas, and perhaps being left largely undistracted in Aarhus enables me to be so productive. To add to that, Aros is also a cool spot to visit on late weekdays.

Daniel van der Noon har tegnet en detaljeret udgave af Aarhus med de prominente varetegn.

Daniel van der Noon har tegnet en detaljeret udgave af Aarhus med de prominente varetegn.

Speaking of skylines – your work depicts them a lot. I sense that your art is all about cityscapes, buildings, sculptures, shapes, details and dreamy universes. How will you describe your art yourself?

I am often asked as to why the cities and the drawings of buildings and alike structures are vacant; without people. My reply is that in every grain of the fabric of Daniel k22, 3the city there is an individual mind, a mind that has contributed towards its original production; whether it be a footprint made in wet cement, or the construction of the Empire State. Much of my work is about, over and above, the human condition; our flailings and feats, the plasticity of the mind and the societies in which we are caged and/or liberated.

I imagine that traveling in the world’s greater cities must fascinate you. Or where do you find inspiration to your art?

The simple answer is everywhere. I listen to hundreds of interviews, films, audiobooks, podcasts, lectures as well as scanning through Instagram, various art blogs and of course conversations with friends and others. Melvyn Bragg’s ‘In Our Time’ podcast is a favourite that I always return to. Just recently I listened again, while drawing, to George Orwell’s 1984 – the whole 12 hours straight through. When focussed this intensely on both physically and mentally working, you enter caverns in your mind that you perhaps were not even conscious existed; it’s there, at that point, where ‘inspiration’ can be found.

You have an Honours Degree in English Literature & Philosophy BA from the University of Leeds in England. How is this an inspiration in your work as an artist?Daniel k22, 4

I’ve always been fascinated by ‘narrative’ – the construction of stories, the craft of language and the components that distinguish a good story from a bad story. Studying literature and philosophy proved, beyond doubt, instrumental towards the person I’ve become today. Although you presented your ideas through words, the concepts borne in the syllabus’ manifested themselves in your mind in a powerful way. I was taught how to argue, how to speak, how to convince, how to present and idea and, over the 4 years (including a year at the University of Copenhagen) my mind appeared to operate much more smoothly.



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